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Buras, Louisiana Fishing Report

By Fishing Reports

One group of clients out and the next one in, I try to keep a pretty tight schedule while I’m out here in Buras, Louisiana so the last day of one trip is the first day of the next. And with fishing this good you want to be on the water every day you can, and that is why I’m sure my Bull Red fishing trips out here are full well in advance.

My next crew in was a longtime friend and client Charley, his son Carter and good friend Terry. These three have made the trip to the marsh for several years now and like most of my clients they kind of know how the schedule works. One thing is for sure with Charley’s crew is there will be lots of laughs for sure on and off the boat. After a delicious dinner and watching the Tampa Bay Lightning win it was time for bed, as day one would be here soon. Breakfast was at 5:45 AM and we were on the water by 7AM I think our first hookup was at 7:01AM. The first morning was a good one it wasn’t on fire but it was steady and we caught 15 or so double-digit redfish, the bite slowed so I decided to make a 7 mile run north to another area I had scouted. When we arrived I could see the pogies dimpling on the surface and the telltale slicks that form when the redfish are eating well. It turned out to be a good move as the first cast they all made turned into drag screaming redfish and continued until we decided to call it a day.

The great thing about the Louisiana delta is the ability to stop just about anywhere and catch fish. And on day two we decided to try something different, we started on a large sandbar that had a strong current flowing past it from the river. We set up on the down current side and watch for redfish to swim along the edge to us and pick them off as they came by. It was like shooting fish in a barrel and it was a deep barrel!

After two solid days of catching big bulls, day three started a little slow as everyone had sore shoulders, but once the drags started singing everyone forgot about the pain. We stayed on them till 10 or so then decided to look for some other areas. We caught a few more to finish out the trip and then it was back to the lodge so they could shower and catch a plane back to Florida.

Next group is here and time to get the rods ready for another beating.

Till next time,

Capt. Greg DeVault

Destination Venice Louisiana

By Fishing Reports

The dog days of summer are defiantly upon us, triple-digit heat and very little wind makes for some hot days on the boat. The good part is we typically get afternoon rainstorms to cool off the water and us. August is also the month I do another of my destination trips, I stay in Venice Louisiana for the month and have my clients either fly or drive out and fish with me for a few days each. Those of you that are familiar with redfish know exactly why I set up shop out here and those that do not, just look at the pictures that accompany this report. SE Louisiana is without a doubt the absolute best redfish fishing in the world, and I go during the times that the big bull reds school up and gorge on the porgy schools. It is fast and furious at times and without a doubt some of the best fishing you will ever do.

This year my first group was a father and son who fish with me quite a bit, but had never been out to the marsh. On the first day it took about 5 minutes for both Bob and Owen to realize this was like nothing they had ever done. The first school of reds we fished was all 35 to 40 inch fish and they were hungry, there were also a few jacks mixed in with them. The Redfish are some of the strongest fish you will find anywhere, and it takes 5 to 10 minutes to land the average red. The Jacks are a whole different animal, they will be from 20 to 30 pounds and pull like a truck. You are doing good to land one in less than 20 minutes, as both Owen and Bob found out. And we can’t forget the jokers of the group, along with all the Redfish and Jacks you will catch your fair share of saltwater catfish. They are the slimiest fish in the water, but they weigh up to 10 pounds, so for a while, they pull very hard.  Bob and Owen were initiated by fire, to say the least, their first day was awesome and they still had two to go.

The second day was much like the first with very large redfish and Jack Cravelle right off the bat and a smattering of catfish to slime up the line. And just like the day before we were chased around by rain most of the afternoon. The third day is always a little shorter as clients need time to pack up and shower before they leave, so we decided to do something a little different. I had a small school of fish on a sandbar that we could sight cast to, as we pulled up to them the school slowly moved to our left. Both Owen and Bob made cast right in front of them and it was fish on! We did that for the rest of the morning until it was time to head back.

This trip is for sure a bucket list trip for all who do it and I am very fortunate to be able to offer it to a small group of my clients.

Bob and Owen are safely back home and the next group is ready to go!

Till next time, tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault

Shark Fishing in Summer

By Fishing Reports

Well, it has been a little while since I put any words down about what has been going on, on the water. I actually took most of July off to relax after a very busy spring and get our hunting leases in Georgia and Kentucky ready for hunting season. I did manage to get out on the water a handful of days though, and the fishing was outstanding if you were looking to just pull on some fish.

The one good thing about summertime fishing is the bait is always easy and always close. All the trips I ran this month left out of Nicks Park in New Port Richey, and because bait is very easy I usually had my clients meet me at 6am so we could get an early start and beat the hottest part of the day. Catching bait was only taking about 30 minutes, but you need to be carful not to overfill your live well with bait, or you will be catching bait again after it all dies.

I tried to time my trips around the high incoming tides so we would have a lot of water and the coolest water of the day. I was able to catch some very nice Trout, some slot sized redfish and even got a few nice snook to eat. But once the sun got up and started heating up the water the bite was over. 

I did have a fail-safe though for the summer bite, and it has become very popular with several of my clients, we have a very large population of 4 to 6 foot blacktip sharks in our water during the months of July and August (if only the Scallop hordes knew). Summer is when the Blacktips spawn and the Anclote basin is home to Thousands of these sleek fast fighters. Over the past couple of years I have fine-tuned a couple of areas and on the right tides you can catch them for hours, and Blacktips are a hoot to catch. They are extremely fast and will jump like a Tarpon most of the time, they will also pull drag as fast as a Barracuda, they are without a doubt one the funnest fish we catch in the dog days of summer. 

It’s hard to believe how fast this year has gone so far, I can’t believe we are on the doorstep of Fall and all the great fishing that comes with it. But before that I will be in the Redfish capital of the world, Venice Louisiana. My reports for the month of August will be all about our adventures in SE Louisiana catching Giant Redfish and huge Jack Caravel. I always say there is no way to explain how good the fishing is out there, it is World-class and if you love to fish you should defiantly get on my list for the upcoming years. Well I am on the road to Redfish heaven!


Till tomorrow, tight lines

Capt. Greg DeVault




New Port Richey Fishing Report

By Fishing Reports

There is one thing for sure, it is full-on summertime in New Port Richey Fl. Since it was my first week back from Boca Grande I took a few days off and only ran a couple trips last week. The weather was not always cooperative as we still had a reverse summertime pattern, which means west wind and rain in the mornings and dry hot afternoons. One good thing was the rain was not widespread and we were able to bounce around most of the storms and stay fairly dry.

The first trip was a regular client of mine that had a couple friends in for the fourth of July and wanted to show them our beautiful water here in Pasco County. We started early running north towards Hudson to a flat that always has bait this time of year, After 3 throws of the net we had plenty of bait for the day. We had a pretty good outgoing tide so I decided to start at a big drain that has some depth off of Port Richey. We got set up and drifted two baits back to where we thought the fish should be and to our surprise both baits were inhaled, and we could see the familiar boil in the water of Redfish. After a few minutes, we had two over slot redfish at the boat, and after a quick photo they were on their way back home. This scenario played out several more times until the tide quit and the fish moved on. We were only fishing four hours and since we had spent the biggest part of our trip pulling on the redfish we decided to stop in the Cottee River and try for some of our baby Tarpon to finish off the day. They were waiting on us however they brought their “A-game” and showed off and threw the hooks back at us every time.

My next trip was another repeat client that wanted to take his three daughters fishing, so action was the focus on this trip. They weren’t into the early morning bait run, so I went and caught bait then met them at Nicks Park in Port Richey at 8Am. With a lot of action needed, I figured we would start over the deeper grass flats and try to get some Trout and Mackerel fired up. Again we were dodging rainstorms, and it made it a bit of a pain to get anything going. I could see that most of the rain was to our south, so I decide to make a run north to some rock piles off of Hudson to see if we could get a Mangrove snapper bite going. We got set up and I threw out a couple of handfuls of chum to see who was home. Almost instantly we could see the pops of fish feeding, the girls put out the baits and were immediately had bent rods. Three big beautiful Speckled Trout came to the boat, I chummed a little more and we had trout popping all around us. The girls stayed busy reeling in some very nice trout and a few Mangrove Snapper. This was again a four hour trip so by the time the tide and bite died down it was time for a nice boat ride back to the dock, and the girls got a chance to see a part of the Sportscoast that not everyone gets to.

This week is a light week to and we will again have rain to deal with but the fishing pressure is light and the fish and hungry and plentiful.

Till Next time, tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault


Boca Grande Fishing Report

By Fishing Reports

Well it has been a few weeks since my last report, but I have a good reason. June is one of the busiest months I have, and this June was no different, I ran 53 trips in the 30 days of June here in Boca Grande. To say I was tired at the end of most days is an understatement, we had a few weeks of record-breaking heat, and a lot of hungry tarpon and even a few other species. Today is July 8th and I have pretty much stopped fishing for Tarpon and moved on to the snook, and redfish.

Now for the good stuff, the tarpon in Boca Grande were very plentiful in the beginning of June but just like every year before we start to lose some of the fish with each moon as they begin to migrate north along the west coast of Florida. The good part though is many of the “ Pass Guides” leave and head home as the Tarpon leaving the pass signals the end of their year. If they only knew how good the beaches and bays are after they leave.  When the Tarpon return from spawning offshore to the beaches of Boca Grande the first thing on their mind is food! And when you found that school of fish it usually only took a few seconds for them to slurp down the crabs.

I had several trips that we were able to make great memories on but a couple really stick out in my mind. The first was an afternoon trip that I wasn’t sure was going to happen because the morning was pretty slow and we had trouble finding hungry fish. But we ran out to the beach and found a school of fish and started to get in position, as we moved into them they spread out and were rolling in a area the size of a football field. We set up in their path put out the crabs and as soon as they got to the crabs they ate, and we were off. We hooked 5 tarpon and landed 4 of them, we left the dock at 1:30 and my clients were done and ready for dinner at 4:30, great afternoon.

The next trip that was memorable started as a Tarpon trip but ended up as something else. We arrived on the beach at 6AM right at daylight and found a very happy looking group of Tarpon, we put a crab in them and hooked up immediately. The Tarpon was boat side by 6:15, we found the school again but for two hours couldn’t buy another bite. It was flat calm and getting hot so we decided to run offshore to a small wreck I know if to see if we could find some Permit. When we arrived the water was still slick flat and crystal blue, however we did not see any permit, but I was marking stuff beneath us. We dropped down a couple baits and were greeted with a couple 10-pound Amberjacks, then it got fun, a 200-pound goliath grouper ate one of the AJs. I’m not sure how Mark did it but he was able to stop and work a 200 pound grouper to the boat with nothing more than a Tarpon rod with 50 lb. braid and 60 lb. leader, a very impressive feat!

July is the month I take time to get my hunting leases ready for the fall, I will slip in a couple fishing trips for my good clients off of New Port Richey, but most of the time ill be taking it easy in the woods!

Till tomorrow, tight lines

Capt. Greg DeVault


Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing report

By Fishing Reports

We have made it into June and the midpoint of the Boca Grande tarpon-spawning season.  There have been literally thousands of Tarpon in Boca Grande this year, and with the full moon this week we have more on the way. The crowds have continued to thin out as several guides and recreational fishermen have wrapped up their vacations and gone home.

In some ways, they left just in time as the weather this week turned ugly with a Tropical storm in the gulf we had plenty of rain and wind. But in some ways they missed it, they could have been treating their clients to some of the best fishing we have had this season. As the storm was developing we were treated to some very low barometric pressures, making the Tarpon go haywire. With the pressure so low the entire mass of Boca Grande tarpon moved out of the deep confines of Boca Grande pass to the nearby beaches of Gasparilla Island. And with the full moon, we also had a massive school of Tarpon move south from Sarasota down the beaches to us. It was one the largest congregations of fish that I have ever seen, there had to be at least 30,000 tarpon on the beach that morning. And the bite was insane, both morning and afternoon trips were outstanding as we had double-digit hookups during both.

Nobody is sure why every Tarpon moved to the beach but it was nice for the first day, after the first day the pass fisherman had no choice but to come to the beach. Unfortunately, the edict on the beach and in the pass are completely different, not to complain, but I’m not sure what universe you can drive up to a school of fish with your outboard running and still expect them to bite. Needless to say it was evident who the Tarpon fishermen were and who chase schools around a pass.

Even amongst all the motors, there were enough fish on the beach that you could find fish that would eat without any problem.

 Although all the trips this week were very good one, in particular, stood out in my memory. It was Friday mornings trip, and by then the entire fleet had finally found the fish, so we started early and were on the beach at daybreak. As we idled down the beach we found a nice school of tarpon slow-rolling and looking very happy, we launched a couple of crabs into them and immediately we were hook up. The tarpon instantly took flight and put on a show like no other, unfortunately, the acrobatics drew some unwanted attention and by the time we landed our fish there were 3 boats that had moved in on our school. As I looked around I could see a steady stream of boats coming to the beach, it was obvious the tarpon had not returned to the pass. So instead of trying to fish around all that we decided to take a chance and leave the big groups to find our own, and boy did it pay off. We found a school of 100 tarpon miles from anyone all by themselves looking very happy! The first cast was tight before I could make the second cast, but we were still within cast distance of the school. We put the second crab in them and it was also instantly eaten, after we landed that double we could still see the school rolling gently to our south. It was defiantly a magical group of fish, after the first double we moved in and doubled up 2 more time and on the last approach we hooked our fourth double from them but one finally came off. The school yielded 9 hooked fish and 6 to the boat in less than 2 hours, to say the least it was awesome!

 It is amazing how good the fishing can be if the Tarpon are approached the right way, perhaps if beach fishing is not your forte just sit back and observe for a while it is really not that hard, but one mistake will mess up a school of fish for everyone.

 June is a great month for Tarpon and with a lot less guides here it is going to be a banner month, its time to go!


Till Tomorrow tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault 


Silver Blessings

By Fishing Reports

May and June are always an extremely busy time of year for most of the full-time guides. This year, with all that we have been experiencing there was no guarantee just how busy we were going to be. But thank God above for watching over us and keeping me so busy I am truly blessed.

This past week saw some of the best weather of the year in Boca Grande with light winds and sunny days the fish were all over the place, in the Passes on the beaches and on many of the shallow grass flats. The only issue is the tides we are experiencing, the big outgoing tides that pull all the crabs and shrimp out of Charlotte Harbor have been occurring in the middle of the night. This means the Tarpon are feeding like crazy on those night tides and when daylight comes they are not very hungry. We have been seeing tons of fish but getting very few takers, however these tides will be turning around this week and the big outgoings will be in the afternoon and the bite will be insane.

I had some repeat clients this week and fished doubles every day to get everyone on the boat, but it was well worth it as everyone was able to fight the King and some got to land their very first Tarpon, a feat not everyone can accomplish. One thing is for sure, the Tarpon have defiantly fallen into a pretty predictable pattern. The daylight bite from 5:30 am till 7Am has been great in the Pass, the Tarpon are all over the surface, busting the surface and eating the crabs as fast as they see them. But it is the pass and during the week its not bad but on the weekend the pass is invaded, and with all the boats running over the fish and then dropping lead through them they settle to the bottom and the real bite is over. Luckily though there have been plenty of fish in other places and most of the Pass jockey’s don’t have the know-how to be able to fish them in these areas.

This week will be another week of doubles but the bite will be much better as the tides will be in our favor this week. The incoming morning tide will have them feeding right up to the tide change, and then once the tide starts flowing out and bringing the crabs to the pass the bite will be on! As I have said in past reports if you have not had the chance to fish for Tarpon you really should give it a try. It is very addicting and turns into an annual trip for almost all that have ever tried it. If you want to give it a try, send me an email and I will put you on the Cancelation list and next years email nonfictions. 

Till tomorrow tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault

There are tarpon everywhere!

By Fishing Reports

It has been another gorgeous week in Boca Grande, with more Tarpon in the waters than we have seen in many years. The water temperatures have reached the mid 80’s and the Tarpon have shown up on most of the beaches and all the passes in the area. The water has been extremely clean and clear, making for some of the most beautiful colors and scenery on any coast. The clear water has however made for a tougher bite, only because the Tarpon use their eyesight for feeding and they see everything, so the crystal clear water makes it hard to hide the leaders we need to use to catch the fish. But we have been able to tempt a few fish everyday, and our landing to hookup ratio is very good. We are landing about 80% of our fish, mostly due to good sharp hooks and no lead to pull the hook out of the fish.

I fished everyday this past week and the one trip that sticks out in my head was on Wednesday, we started in Boca Grande pass where the daybreak bite has been awesome. With darkness still over us the tarpon have been eating every crab that gets in front of them, and this day was no different. We put out two crabs and the first one was eaten before it sank five foot, and as we reeled in the other to get out of the way, it also came tight! We were able to fight both fish as there were only a few boats in the pass, and with drags screaming both fish erupted through the surface together. That is where our double ended, as one of the Tarpon was able to lose its hook, but the other stayed tight and was boat side as the sun came up. With a quick fight we were able to get a fast and healthy release.

The rest of the trips this week were fairly similar, except for starting off with a double hook up, the fish that were brought to the boat were much larger this week as is normal for the last week of May. Most were in the 120 to 130 pound class, but we had a few that were in the 150 to 160 class and one that I estimated at 180 pounds, that was a big girl.

Tarpon fishing is very rarely a solitary endeavor anymore, in fact there are usually more than a few boats in the area, especially in Boca Grande pass. However you get to see several great Tarpon jumps and there is always action from folks fighting fish. There is one thing that is very upsetting though, and that is how some anglers handle these great fish while at boat side. You should never lift the fish out of the water, if you want a picture lean out over the gunnel and gently lift the head to the surface and snap your photo. I have witnessed this week to many anglers and some “ captains” literally grabbing the Tarpon by the bottom jaw and lifting the fish over the gunnel and leveraging half the body out of the water for there photo, this is a sure death sentence for the Tarpon. Hopefully they will learn how to take care of these great fish and not be so selfish.

Tarpon season is just getting started and we have a long way to go, there are more fish moving north to us from the south and with a full moon the first week of June the bite is going to be off the hook!

Till tomorrow tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault

It’s beach time baby!

By Fishing Reports

With three full weeks under my belt on this year’s tarpon season in Boca Grande has finally started to get some normalcy to it. The fish have finally left the pass and moved out on to the surrounding beaches. It is nice to see happy fish rolling up and down the beach with nobody driving over them and dropping balls of lead on them. 

Again the days in Boca Grande start early with a 6am pick up we are on the beach before daylight looking for the telltale swirls and slicks of happy schools of fish. Today I was fishing my longest tenured client and good friend, we have literally been fishing together since 1999. 

Apparently the holiday weekend was starting today, as we drove past Boca Grande pass it was already full of boats zipping around trying to get on top of the fish. Anyway we moved on down the beach in search of the Tarpon. It wasn’t long before we spotted some rolling fish, I put the trolling motor in the water and moved us into position for a cast. The first crab hit on the edge of where the fish were rolling and as the crab sank it was inhaled by a hungry Tarpon, as soon as the line came tight a silver missile erupted through the surface and started peeling drag. It took about 20 minutes to get the Tarpon boat side for a quick picture and then revive her and off she swam. 

The sun was up and we could now see just how big the school of Tarpon actually was, and it was no problem getting back in position for another shot at them. The Tarpon were still rolling slowly which is always a good sign, we fired two crabs into the mass of fish and were again rewarded with a hungry Tarpon that wanted nothing to do with his chosen breakfast. Again the fish did everything it could to lose us but the Owner hook stayed put and the Tarpon was boat side for another quick picture and release.

By now there were a few boats starting to migrate down the beach and our school had been discovered, so we decided to move north up the beach and look for more Tarpon rolling happily along. It didn’t take to long before we saw a large area of muddy water, as we approached it the side scan on my Simrad showed me that there was a school of Tarpon making the mud. We again set up and put crabs into the area, it took a few minutes but one of the lines came tight and once again we were fighting a silver king. This one was a little slicker than the first two and was able to throw the hook back at us after three spectacular jumps. 

 The rest of the morning went very similar to the first hour up until 10am, when it seemed as if the dinner bell quit ringing. After throwing crabs at several different schools with no takers we decided it was time for lunch and called it a day.

 It is very nice to have fish on the beach and not have to deal with the traffic in the ditch.


Till tomorrow tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault 

Boca Grande Tarpon Season has been AWESOME so far!

By Fishing Reports

May is always one of my favorite months to fish as it means Tarpon are here, and the past couple of weeks have made that statement very true. This year’s Boca Grande Tarpon season has been awesome so far with tons of fish here and more on their way up from the south. The last couple of days we have finally seen a reprieve in the wind, at least for a couple of days. 

On Saturday I was able to fish a good client and his two sons, who were on their first trip to Boca Grande, and the Tarpon did not disappoint. As we arrived at the pass while it was still dark, but you could see the white water from Tarpon blowing up on the surface. There were already a handful of boats there already and it was obvious that the tarpon were having crabs for breakfast, we quickly baited up and got a crab in the water, and before I could get the second crab in the water the first drag was already screaming and the fight was on. We fought a 100-pound tarpon for about 20 minutes before we had him boat side, the bite continued for about an hour and we were able to jump one more tarpon. As the sun came up the rest of the fleet showed up and just like that the bite died off.

On Sunday I had longtime clients and great friends Kevin and Becky, they brought along their niece and her husband Travis. We again arrived in the pass before daylight to see the Tarpon happy and on the surface busting crabs, we quickly got a crab out and hooked a Tarpon who made short work of the crab and unfortunately our hook also. As we eased to the outside of the tarpon to move back into position,  but it was obvious that the rest of the fleet was not sleeping in today. It did not take long for the Tarpon to go to the bottom and hunker down and quit eating. We decided to leave the weekend warriors in the pass and go find some quieter water and happy tarpon on the beautiful beaches of Boca Grande. We were able to locate a small school of Tarpon and got set up and put crabs in them, it took about 5 cast to them before Travis’s line came tight and a huge 150lb. Tarpon exploded through the surface. The fish took us up the beach for about 15 minutes and when we got her boat side we were very close to the beach, so we decided to get Travis the picture he has wanted for a long time, a beach shot.  After some great shots we revived the big girl and watched her swim off in the crystal clear water. 

With all the boats in the pass, the beach traffic was very light and we were able to get right back on our school of Tarpon, we got set up and Kevin made a great cast and the line came tight almost immediately. The Tarpon blasted through the surface twisting and flipping like an Olympic gymnast, and when she hit the water she also made a beeline for the beach. Kevin had the fish boat side after three more jumps and we found ourselves right on the beach again, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get Kevin and Becky their beach shot also.

Today is the first rainy day we have had and it looks like we are finally going to get into our summer patterns with afternoon storms this week, this will fire up and already good bite here in Boca Grande. If you have never fought a giant Tarpon or just want to do it again give me a call and we can get it set up.

Till tomorrow tight lines,

Capt. Greg DeVault