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Transition Fishing

By Fishing Reports

February is a month of transition on Florida’s West coast. Some years it is cold, windy and a continuation of Winter and other years it is warm, humid and the start of Spring. As of now, it looks like we are going to be starting with Springtime, and with that the fishing is getting ready to explode.

Once we get the water temperatures to start climbing everything will fall into place. The migrating baitfish and the baitfish that hung out in our residential canals all winter will break out onto our shallow grass flats, and that will trigger the start of what we all know as the spring bite! The first to enjoy the presence of the baitfish will be the big Sea Trout, they will begin to gather on all of our barrier islands and any rock and oyster bars adjacent to deeper water. These Trout will be in large schools as they are preparing to spawn, so the action can be fast and furious if you hit the right spot. The next to find the bait enticing will be the Snook that have been on a pretty strict diet all winter. They will be waiting on almost every point that has any current and deep water near.

One thing that will be different with the Snook is they will move from point to point pretty quickly as they work their way out to the open grass flats to feed on the arriving bait. The feed will turn on and off with the tide, so make sure you keep a mental note of when the bite started for the next time out.

The third part of our inshore trio, the Redfish will be on the prowl for not only the influx of baitfish but also plenty of shrimp and crabs will become a lot more available to them. For this reason, the redfish will roam the grass flats in search of all of these tasty morsels. If you are looking for Redfish this month I would look around any structure, such as oyster bars, sand holes, deeper troughs, and any kind of debris that will hold food for them.

With springtime right in front of us, there are several other species that will start to become available. Spanish Mackerel, Kingfish, Cobia, several Sharks, Triple Tail, Flounder, and loads of Jack Cravelle.

As always the tides and weather will dictate the best days to be out there but one good thing with February is that once the water gets to 70 degrees the bite is on! Look to the calendar to see when the full and new moons are, these will be the best days!

Spring Fishing Report

By Fishing Reports

This has been a very constant year to say the least, a cool winter has led to a warm and very mild spring, and that have led to warming April winds. And through it all the fishing has been FANTASTIC, lots of big Snook, Redfish, and an abundance of big Trout.

The only draw back has been the Sardines that we use for bait, it has been tough to get and non existent for some. Luckily i have had a few little hidding spots that hold them and Ive been able to keep my clients fishing with the bait that the fish really want this time of year. This is the time of year that everybody waits for, Snook, Redfish and Cobia take center stage and that is what everybody is coming to catch. This spring has not disappointed in that aspect. This has been the best year in the past 15 years for Big Snook ( 35 inches +) they seem to be on every point and deep trough that has good water flow, and they are eating like they are starving!! The Redfish while not as thick as the Snook are here and when you have the right feed and approach them on the right tide you can have some big days 15 to 20 fish days are not uncommon. The Cobia have been going in and out with every little front we get, but when they are here all you have to do is get a bait in front of them and it is on. I have had a big advantage over them with the new boat and the hight i gain by using the tower on it. Once we spot the Cobia i am able to follow him and get the cast we need to catch him. There have also been loads of Trout and Mackerel around to but I very early target them this time of year as most of my clients would rather catch the big 3! If you are going after them though any of the Barrier Islands such as Anclote and both of its Sand bars are loaded with them, along with all the rock bars from Gulf Harbors to Dunedin, with Trout you will usually have company as once the school is found everybody will get in on the action.

Next week will be my last week in the north area as It is time to chase Tarpon in Boca Grande, the fish have been there for a while now and i can’t wait to start flying some Tarpon. I do have some afternoon trips still available but the mornings are booked solid until mid July, but give me a call if you want to catch a king, if I can’t take you I can help you find a full time Capt. to put you on one.


Capt. Greg DeVault




Know what your getting

By blog

If there is one thing I have learned being in business for 19 years, it is that you don’t always get what you think your buying. I have a lot of clients ask my opinion on what type of fishing equipment they should buy from Boats to floats, I can only give my opinion on what I use and what I have used in the past. I get the same question about other guides also, and all I tell them is to talk with them and get a feel of who they are and what they do.

One very important thing in this business is to be flexible in how you fish and where and when you fish. I have always wonderdrd how somebody can fish out of the same dock year round, the fish migrate and the weather patterns dictate where they will be. If you are anchored to one place you only have a specific time to catch fish. Having your boat on the trailer gives me the ability to move with the fish and do different things, this make fishing fun!!

The next thing I find interesting is how some will fish out of only one type of boat. If you are a carpenter or electrician or a plumber you have the right tool for the right job, Well the same holds true for fishing, we do not fish the same tides and times everyday and we should have the right tools to get to the fish we are trying to catch. Now I know boats aren’t cheap…but if you are spending your money to catch fish I think you should have the best opportunity to do that. And having the right style of boat is the best way to catch them.

But back to my first statement…Know what your getting before you get on the boat. If you guide can’t tell you what your going to catch and how your going to do it…he or she is probably not on the water very often, remember you don’t know whats going on if your not out there. And in todays world of information and the ability to get it, you want to be careful of the “phone guide”, if your guide is always calling other guys to find out whats going on….you may want to get the number of the guys he is calling for your next trip!!

Finding a good guide is not easy to do, and this is the reason the good ones have a very long client list and very rarly do a lot of marketing. But if you talk to enough people you will get to the good ones, remember if your guide is doing a lot of advertising and has a very up to date website with all the bells and whistles, he has a lot of time to do that….And after 19 years at this, time is not something I have a lot of!!!

Good luck and good fishing and when you get to Florida’s West Coast give me a call and we will get out on one of my 3 boats to catch what ever you would like to!!

Fish on!

Capt. Greg DeVault


Get ready Spring is coming

By whatsNext

There are two seasons that the fishermen and the fish look forward to Spring and Fall. These two times of year are when the water temps are at their most comfortable for the fish and it is also when they feed the most often. But in my personal opinion i think they much prefer the Spring time as opposed to the Fall, and the reason why is because in the Spring they are going from cold water to warm and I know I would look forward to that!

Regardless what the fish like i know it is my favorite time, anything and everything will be starting to arrive in our waters. From Cobia to Trout and Tarpon to Snook, we will have an abundance of big hungry fish cruising our area in a matter of 4 to 5  weeks! So now is the time to get ready, refresh your tackle and make sure your castanets are not full of holes. And if you are waiting to get out with me on a charter start looking at dates NOW, May and June Tarpon are almost filled up and march and April inshore are booking at a very rapid rate! So don’t miss out on what should be one of the best springs we have had in a while!

Lets fish!

Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – Port Richey – Boca Grande

By Fishing Reports

Well so much for a warm winter!! Mother Nature brought a very abrupt end to our Indian summer about 3 weeks ago. Since then we have had 5 cold fronts come through our area in 7 days…needless to say it has put the fish into a bit of a tailspin. But one good thing about fishing in Florida is there is always something that will bite, especially if you have the right equipment to get to where they are at! I just happen to have the tool for the job, my 18 foot airboat will get me back into the back country where the water tends to stay a little warmer and a little deeper, if you know where the holes are. And because of this I have been able to put my Clients on very good catches of Snook, Redfish and Trout, while other are scrapping by with Ladyfish. It is a unique way of fish and I work with Mother Nature, not against her. I look forward to the North wind that blows so cold and the extremely low water that comes with it, as the water levels become VERY low and trap the fish in all the holes that I can still get to. But enough of how the right tools make a good carpenter lets get to whats biting.

The Redfish have been very good this winter, bunched up in small schools they have been eating very well as long as you do not push them out of the hole they choose to be in. Mirrolure Lil Johns have been the ticket most of the time with a Live shrimp picking up the stragglers.

The same holes were holding good numbers of Snook from 10 inches to 40 inches and they to were very aggressive on the Lil Johns, but were also eating the Mirrodines good also. They have slowed up dramatically since the last blast of cold air finally got the water temps to touch the 50s, but when we get a little warm up they go right back to the feed!

The Speckled Trout has been decent this winter but not on fire, the size is good but the numbers seem to be down, at least for me. Normally 100 trout a day is not uncommon this time of year but it seems if we can get 1/4 of that we have been doing good. I may just be fishing to far in the Back country to be getting the numbers I’m used to, but the Reds and Snook have made up for it.

Looking Forward February is only a couple weeks away and it will be time to throw the cast net as the crickets we love to use will become effective again. look for this spring to be Very good as we have had a normal winter with cool water temps and lots of fronts, the fish will be hungry when the warm winds from the south kick there metabolism up a notch!

Fishing Report Tampa Bay – Port Richey- Tarpon Springs

By Fishing Reports

What a winter it is going to be!! we have already had a lot of cold air make it into the sunshine state and the water is cooling off nicely. the Big trout have begun to group up and hang out over most of the hard bottom areas on the sun coast and are eating just about everything that gets in front of them, there is not much to catching a limit of nice big trout right now for sure. Just find a depression with some hard bottom around it and you will have plenty of action.IMG_20111118_104834(1)

 The redfish are in BIG schools if you know where to look, they are not everywhere and you had better know where you are going or you may lose a lower unit trying to get to them. Once you do get to them it is non stop action as long as the tide is moving. the bait dosent really matter as they have been eating anything that moves!hancock 2

Snook are still around in some of the deeper canals but I usually don’t mess with them this time of year, although on my last 3 or 4 charters we have been catching several small ones up to 28 inches. this time of year you will find many different species living together, Flounder, Sheephead, Redfish, Snook, Trout, and Mangrove snapper are being caught out of the same hole on most of my charters right now.

With the water cooling down it is only going to get better as we move into Dec. and Jan., The low tides will be the tides to key on. The low water will concentrate the fish into holes and troughs, this is when you need to have the right equipment, light line and long rods will get you more distance on your cast. Also if you are looking for a charter make sure your captain has a boat that is capable of getting to the SHALLOW areas that the fish are in right now, its no fun watching fish being caught while you are on the outside looking in or worse yet, setting on bottom stuck!

The holidays are coming and so are the crowds, if you are wanting to do some fish for Christmas contact me soon there are only a handful of days left for Dec. and Jan.


Fish on,

Capt. Greg DeVault


Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – New Port Richey – Tarpon Springs

By Fishing Reports

It has been a long hot summer for sure, seemed like not to long ago I was wondering if we were going to get the dreaded heat that we associate with summer. Well it made it and it was all it was supposed to be. Along with the normal heat of summer has come some very good and unexpected fishing, our Cobia that are usually gone from the inshore waters have been fairly plentiful all summer, and the redfish that are spread out and lethargic to say the least have been aggressive and very abundant if you know where to look. The snook that are normally easily to find and tough to catch have lived up to there normal summer standards. The “other ” activity of summer, Scalloping, was spectacular this year. The Scallops were as thick as I have ever seen them and I was as busy as I have ever been with charters to pick them up. looks like next year we are going to be VERY busy hunting down the tasty little critters, check out our new website dedicated to scalloping, .

As I said it was a better than average summer for fishing in Tampa Bay and New Port Richey, but the best is yet to come. Actually it is very close to starting right now, the big schools of Mullet have started to form and the snook are moving in from the spawning rituals. it is only a matter of a few cold fronts getting through the state to cool the water just a bit before the dinner bell is ringing non stop. Don’t wait to long or the best days will be gone, this is one of the best times of year coming up and the fish are defiantly ready and waiting for you!!

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Fall is upon us!

By whatsNext

I know it is still 90 degrees out but the humidity is starting to fall and the winds have a hint of north to them now, and the cold fronts that were staying to our north are rolling though to the Caribbean also. Soon the cool and cold air trapped to our north will find its way to Florida and begin to cool our warm waters. This is one of most anticipated times of year, the water temps will drop and the fish that have been slow and lethargic all summer will have renewed vigor and better yet a very big appetite. Our Migrating fish that made there way to the north Gulf will be passing back through on there quest to stay with the warm water they crave. While they are passing through we will have 3 or 4 weeks with them here in Tampa Bay, depending on mother nature of course. The rivers and Bays will begin to see activity from the one fish that seems to trigger it all…the Mullet. These plankton eating fools will gather in enormous schools preparing to spawn in the winter, while they are in these schools the Redfish, Trout, and Snook will join in looking for an easy meal, and we will be there to give it to them.006 (2)

If I sound excited I am, i cant wait for cooler days and hotter fishing. It is so close I can literally taste it in the air, Fall is coming to Tampa Bay and the Fish will be ready, Ill will be ready, the only question is are you going to be ready??  Don’t wait to long these days book up fast!!


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Time to get IN the water!

By whatsNext

Well it is HOT summer has arrived and the water has warmed up to a comfortable 86 or 87 degrees! I know that may sound hot to some, but when the air temps are in the mid 90’s that doesn’t feel to bad. And We have the perfect activity for this time of year.

Scalloping, these bi valve creatures invade our flats every year and are some of the tastiest treats our waters have to offer. They are very easy to capture also, all you need is a mask and snorkel, some swim fins, and a mesh bag to carry them in. Finding them is not very difficult once you know what you are looking for, it is like an underwater Easter egg hunt.

There are some laws that you must abide by such as you cannot be in possession of scallops south of the Pasco/ Hernando county line. And you can only have 2 gallons per person in you boat at any time with a limit of 10 gallons per boat at any time. Scalloping is a great way to “beat the heat” this time of year for sure, and anybody can do it. And at the end of the day you will have a great dinner for your efforts.

If you are interested in doing a scallop charter just give me a shout and we will get in the water.


Back at it

By blog

Well another spring has come and gone and Summer is cooking! I am usually glad to see summer come, as I love the heat and it also means my schedule is going to slow up a bit. But this year I’m still waiting for the slow down…now I’m not complaining at all I feel very blessed to be so busy. In fact it has been kinda nice on the water, for some reason there are very few people out fishing, maybe its just to hot, and the weather has been great light winds and showers in the afternoon help clean the boat when I’m done.

This is the time of year you can do many things in the coarse of the day, you can start out fishing, then go to one of our beautiful beaches and hang out You can also jump over the side and pick up scallops if your in the right region, or just cruise from port to port drinking and eating with having to worry about the weather.

Out of all the things you can do I am usually focused on the fishing and scalloping After being in Boca Grande for two and a half months it is nice to get back to the waters I grew up on, I get to go back out and find fish that haven’t been messed with in a few months and are ready to eat. And the best part is that with few people on the water you don’t have to look over your shoulder for a few more months!

Summer is definatly the lazy time of year for fish and fishermen, but get out early or late and there are plenty of fish to catch, go swimming in the middle of the day.

And for those that don’t fish as much or are waiting on the good fisherman to get out and find the fish….now is the time to fix your lower units and make sure your equipment is ready..the time tail will be here soon;) HAHA