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Now is the Time

By March 18, 2013June 12th, 2013blog

This is the time of year as a fishing  guide that I look forward to the most. While we have great fishing all year long on the west coast of Florida, and I am fortunate enough to stay busy fishing year round. Nothing is more exciting than to feel the warm south winds start to blow and know Spring is just around the corner. There are a few things that get the adrenalin going this time of year, the Snook that have been dormant all winter will be hitting anything that moves, the Redfish will be in large schools roaming across the flats looking to do one thing…EAT. And the arrival of our most prized game-fish, the mighty Tarpon.

This time of year also does something else for Fishing Guides, It solidify’s there ability to catch fish and stay in business. This is the time of year the fishing is easy and relationships are built with clientele on the boat. The next few months will provide some of the best fishing trips of the year, and this will create a client for a long time for the guides that can ” make it happen”. So even though we do have to deal with a little extra pressure the rewards are far greater. I know for a fact that some of my best client relationships started on a fishing trip in the spring where we had one of the best days of catching that many of them ever had.

So as we go head first into what has already been a great spring, I look forward with great anticipation to getting to fish with some, next to be long time clients. Now is the time to walk the walk!!

Fish on,

Capt, Greg DeVault