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Steve Kovack

By February 21, 2013Testimonials
I have been booking fishing and hunting trips with Captain Greg for years, and I have to say he is the best prepared most knowledgeable, and best pure sportsman guide I have experienced.  I have fished and hunted all over the world, and I have been with some of the most famous guides you see on TV, and they just don’t hold up the standard that Greg delivers.  I now just take Greg with me on trips instead of hiring local guides.  Plus, he is so much more than a guide, he is a friend, great conversationalist, and, when needed, a nurse.  I have a chronic health condition, Greg on his own, learned about my condition and makes a point of checking up on me on our trips.  I have brought my 75 year old father on trips.  He has a new knee and hip, and Greg always finds an easy spot to board and unboard him from the boat.  Beyond the fact that he is a truly the best professional guide, it is this little extra things that makes Greg a worlds above the rest!  Book him and enjoy!
Stephen R. Kovac

St. Pete Beach, FL