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Fishing Report – Tarpon Springs – Tampa Bay – New Port Richey

By August 10, 2011Fishing Reports

This summer has without a doubt been one of the hottest that I can remember. We have had several days in a row that the temperatures have been in the upper 90’s. But the hot weather has not seemed to effect the fishing to bad, it has been one of the best summers I have had for catching fish. The Snook have been very good on the beaches and the Trout fishing has been spectacular! The redfish have still been so so, but we have had a big push of 3 to 5 foot black-tip sharks in the area that have made for alot of screaming drags.007

The other summer time fun has been the Scalloping charters i have been doing this year. This has been a very good year for scallops and they have been very thick, limits every time out have been pretty easy and the size of them has been on the larger side. Even though the water is warm, there is no better way to  spend a hot summer day. And at the end of it you have a great meal that not many folks have had before. We Still have until Se[tember 25 to get the tasty treats so don’t hesitate.006

Make sure you start checking your schedules as we move into Fall. As soon as the water starts to cool the fishing is going to get even better, the Mackerel will be back and the schools of redfish will start to show up on the flats to the north of me. As alot of you know  i have a new Shallow Sport boat that I am using that allows us to access some very productive areas long before the rest of the fisherman can get there. We will be leaving with our fill of catching as most of them are just getting enough water to get in. DSC00751

If this fall is anything like last years I cant wait for the cool down…..Its always a good time to go fishing so give me a call and lets go catch some!!