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Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – New Port Richey – You Never Know

By February 4, 2010Fishing Reports

Yesterday was one of those days that should have been very good for the fishing we were trying to do. A good low tide around mid morning, light north winds to make the water stay out, and a lot of sun so we could see the fish we were after. It was all in place except someone forgot to tell the fish they were supposed to be there and be hungry. We headed out to a flat in search of a school of redfish, but when we arrived all we found were mullet and a few strays. Not horrible but not what I was looking for, we did manage to catch one small red but that was it in 3 hours of searching. I decided to make the offer to put the boat on the trailer and head north to an area that I had been doing very well on the big gator trout. As we were driving north I called a good friend and fellow guide Capt. Clay to see how his day was going, He was in the area I was trailering to and I hoped for good news. He told me they to had been having a slow day, and that the fish would just not cooperate. As I put the boat in the water at the Anclote River I really had a good feeling about the move, we ran out to the island to fish some holes and troughs that usually always hold some fish. When we got there Capt. Clay was already out there not looking very enthused about the fishing. We put the power pole down and began fishing the same area I had done very well in just two days ago. Again the conditions were perfect except for the fish, they did not want what we were offering. We did manage 3 or 4 trout but that was it, I made one more move to a hole that is very secluded and could only be reached with the help of my Banshee Extreme. We got there and once again it looked perfect lots of mullet sunning, large pines to block the wind and clean clear water. Once again we were disappointed in the result of what we caught. We did manage the best fish of the day in this hole, a 23 inch Speckled Trout, bit that was it.

After about an hour in that hole we decided it was time to go have lunch ourselves, and realized that sometimes the fish win the battle. We will be back soon and I know the fish have to eat sometime. It is funny when we get used to catching 50 or 60 fish a day, that a day where we catch 10 or so fish just doesn’t measure up. But nothing cant beat a beautiful day on the water.

Capt. Greg DeVault