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Fishing Report – Charlotte Harbor – The Search for Warmth

By January 18, 2010February 8th, 2010Fishing Reports

This past week was the longest blast of cold air I have ever seen in Charlotte Harbor and the entire west coast of Florida. As a result we did have some fish that just could not take it and died. However what dos’nt kill you only make you stronger, and this is true of our fish also . The Snook, Reds, and Trout that found warm water were very hungry, and very willing to eat almost everything we had to offer. I ran my first trip on Tuesday and was greeted at the ramp by two very enthusiastic anglers, and 37 degree temps. I wasnt sure what we were in for but they were determined to give it a try. As we crossed the flats one thing became very evident, the fish that were here, were not anymore! We coverd miles of flats in my airboat and kept seeing the same thing … absolutly nothing.  I told them we had one more spot and if it was empty we were heading in, to my suprise and thankfulness it was loaded with reds and trout, we caught fish out of that hole for almost 4 hours striaght. It turned a cold day into a very plesent one. The rest of the week was much the same with the flats being pretty void of life, but like mother nature alway does she began to replenish as soon as the temprature began to rise at the end of the week. By Friday and Saturdays trips we were back to catching fish in multiple holes and catching alot of them.

This cold blast was very scary for those of us that make a living out here, but it dose show that life goes on and will always rebound if it has the chance. I cant wait to see what a little warm air and warm water will do to the fish this upcoming week.