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Fishing Report – Charlotte Harbor – Dress Warm

By January 13, 2010February 2nd, 2010Fishing Reports

This Past week was a little chilly to say the least, and when you put the force of a giant fan behind you it gets really cold, really fast. That is what we had to deal with on this round of Airboat Charters in Charlotte Harbor. I had some of my best clients fishing with me this week and the fish did not let us down. We were able to catch Redfish, Trout, and Snook on every trip. The most notable catch was a 40 inch Snook the was taken on a small 1/8th oz jig, just goes to prove that elephants do eat peanuts! The other notable catch was with Two fathers and thier sons. the bet was most fish by either team, when the number got to 75 apeice we called it a draw. That day was the most fish I have ever landed on a charter, we estimated around 200 reds in a 6 hour trip. The weather has been very good so far this winter,but there is the threat of a large and very cold, cold front setting up to move through the state. If this happens I hope our Snook can get to cover to protect themselves from the cold water. I will be back on the airboat for the next full moon hopefully i will have some more good fishing to report about.