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Fishing Report – Tarpon Springs – Springing Into Action

By March 10, 2009January 26th, 2010Fishing Reports

This past week was hopefully the last curveball mother nature will throw at us this year! With a cold north wind and even colder water temperatures the Charters this past week were a little challenging. I started off the week with a repeat customer of mine that always seem to have the cold follow him down here. We decided to start a little later in the day to give the fish and the water a chance to warm up a little. We fished the inshore waters off of Tarpon Springs, and were rewarded with some very nice sea trout and a couple of redfish. The next trip was with some new clients that wanted to learn the area around New Port Richey and Port Richey, the water was still a little cold but better than the day before. The sea trout again started us off, with 5 or 6 very nice trout, after that we began our search for redfish. Although we did find 2 or 3 good schools with 100 to 200 fish in each of them, they were very finicky and we could only get a couple fish to commit to the baits.
This week has started off with a bang, the Sardines that we use for live bait have shown back up and the fish were ready to eat them. We had some very nice sea trout and wound up the day with about 20 nice redfish. The only draw back to great weather is the crowds that start to invade to shallow water. Most are not used to how shallow it actually gets every winter and they do allot of damage to the grass flats in our area. The good thing is it will grow back and the fish love the warm water as much as we do.
Now is the time to go fishing if you can.