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Fishing Report – New Port Richey – Getting Closer

By February 7, 2009Fishing Reports

For most of us February usually still means cold air temps and even colder water temps. This is not the case here in Florida this year, we have had a few cold snaps but overall the weather has been absolutely beautiful. The fishing has also been awesome, as our water temperatures start to warm up the natural bait starts to show back up and our inshore species are going to be quick to respond. I have been in Boca Grande this past week running airboat charters on the last of our negative tides. The Redfish and Trout were still the biggest hit down there, with the occasional Snook popping his head out for a look. I fished 6 days and every day we had a limit of Reds and Trout, but as the week wore on we did have to work harder for them. The main reason was the water temperature came up almost 10 degrees in one week. This makes the fish spread out and start to look for food outside of the holes they have been living in for a couple of months now. This is not a bad thing as it is probably going to be the start of our Springtime season. It is getting here a little early but everything is in place for a great season. We are still using mostly artificial lures while doing the airboat charters, but it will not be long before I am throwing the net for sardines again. If you are thinking about doing some springtime fishing this year now is the time to set up you trip as the days are starting to fill up.