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Fishing Report- Charlotte Harbor – Made It Through The Cold

By January 27, 2009Fishing Reports

With the cold weather that came down from the north last week the biggest question on my mind was how would our fish react to it? I am very fortunate to have a type of charter that is almost weather proof. My Airboat charters always take place in the winter months, and I actually want the cold fronts to come through, the north wind that follows a front will push even more water out of the flats making it very hard for the fish to be anywhere but in the holes. And with the airboat I can drive right to them, it is usually like fishing in a barrel.
This week that exact scenario played out, we had hard north winds blowing for the last part of the week. I was the only charter boat that was able to get to the fish and catch them. We had 5 days of absolutely great red fishing, with very few fish in the slot. Now that is a good problem to have, especially when the air temperature is in the low 40’s. The only draw back to the cold was the Snook bite we experienced the week before was gone, as the linesiders took to the deep water for cover from the cold temperatures.
It looks like we are closing in on spring rather quickly with the short duration of our fronts. Before you know it the bait will be back and the migrating fish we love to chase will be here.