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Fishing Report – Boca Grande – Still Smoking

By January 17, 2009Fishing Reports

Even thought the calendar says it is supposed to be winter, you could not prove it by the weather or the way the fish have been eating. This past week was one of the best Charlotte Harbor airboat charter weeks I have had. We were able to catch 50 to 60 oversized redfish on every trip. Along with all the other trout and reds through out the day. there were times that we would have every rod in the boat hooked up to a red, sometimes 4 or 5 at a time. I was exhausted after fishing these days. Who said fishing isn’t tough. The other big surprise was the way the big snook ate this week. We normally catch alot of snook on the airboatĀ  charters but not that many big ones. We had 4 or 5 fish that were over 38 inches long! That is quite a fish on light tackle and throwing artificial. The trout were also out in abundance but at times seemed like a nuisance as they would grab the baits before the big reds could get it. I know that’s a tough problem to deal with but it happens. It looks like we are going to finally get some cold weather this week. and I hope it will keep the fish in place for the next month or so. We have been fortunate the past few years to have great weather all winter long which usually means great fishing all winter long as well.