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Fishing Report – Tarpon Springs – Warm winter Hot Bite

By January 15, 2009Fishing Reports

The week after Christmas was just about the best week of fishing I have had in quite a while. I ran 6 Airboat fishing charters in Charlotte Harbor and we absolutely tore the fish up. We had well over 75 fish every day with a good mix of Redfish, Trout and a few snook mixed in. It seemed like all we had to do was find the mullet and we would find the reds to go with them. All the fish were caught on Artificial lures, which means alot of casting but there were very few cast that were not rewarded with a bite.
The day after New Years day found me back in New Port Richey running my inshore charters out of my Ranger 2410 Bay and my Ranger Banshee extreme. We fished the same patterns in Port Richey and Tarpon Springs as we did in Charlotte Harbor. The results were pretty much the same, lots of Redfish and Speckled Trout. I was able to find Scaled sardines the last few trips and with them we were able to abuse the trout population in the Tarpon Springs area. The Snook also responded well to the early return of the sardines, they were not as active as they will be in the spring but there were several willing to have a taste of our early spring.
It looks like we will be getting a little bit of cool weather later this week which will work very good into my plans as I will be back down in Charlotte Harbor running Airboat Charters the rest of the week. Check back and see how we did and look and some of the world class fishing that is available when fishing with Capt. Greg DeVault

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