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Buras, Louisiana Fishing Report

By August 21, 2020Fishing Reports

One group of clients out and the next one in, I try to keep a pretty tight schedule while I’m out here in Buras, Louisiana so the last day of one trip is the first day of the next. And with fishing this good you want to be on the water every day you can, and that is why I’m sure my Bull Red fishing trips out here are full well in advance.

My next crew in was a longtime friend and client Charley, his son Carter and good friend Terry. These three have made the trip to the marsh for several years now and like most of my clients they kind of know how the schedule works. One thing is for sure with Charley’s crew is there will be lots of laughs for sure on and off the boat. After a delicious dinner and watching the Tampa Bay Lightning win it was time for bed, as day one would be here soon. Breakfast was at 5:45 AM and we were on the water by 7AM I think our first hookup was at 7:01AM. The first morning was a good one it wasn’t on fire but it was steady and we caught 15 or so double-digit redfish, the bite slowed so I decided to make a 7 mile run north to another area I had scouted. When we arrived I could see the pogies dimpling on the surface and the telltale slicks that form when the redfish are eating well. It turned out to be a good move as the first cast they all made turned into drag screaming redfish and continued until we decided to call it a day.

The great thing about the Louisiana delta is the ability to stop just about anywhere and catch fish. And on day two we decided to try something different, we started on a large sandbar that had a strong current flowing past it from the river. We set up on the down current side and watch for redfish to swim along the edge to us and pick them off as they came by. It was like shooting fish in a barrel and it was a deep barrel!

After two solid days of catching big bulls, day three started a little slow as everyone had sore shoulders, but once the drags started singing everyone forgot about the pain. We stayed on them till 10 or so then decided to look for some other areas. We caught a few more to finish out the trip and then it was back to the lodge so they could shower and catch a plane back to Florida.

Next group is here and time to get the rods ready for another beating.

Till next time,

Capt. Greg DeVault