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Fall is upon us!

By September 26, 2013whatsNext

I know it is still 90 degrees out but the humidity is starting to fall and the winds have a hint of north to them now, and the cold fronts that were staying to our north are rolling though to the Caribbean also. Soon the cool and cold air trapped to our north will find its way to Florida and begin to cool our warm waters. This is one of most anticipated times of year, the water temps will drop and the fish that have been slow and lethargic all summer will have renewed vigor and better yet a very big appetite. Our Migrating fish that made there way to the north Gulf will be passing back through on there quest to stay with the warm water they crave. While they are passing through we will have 3 or 4 weeks with them here in Tampa Bay, depending on mother nature of course. The rivers and Bays will begin to see activity from the one fish that seems to trigger it all…the Mullet. These plankton eating fools will gather in enormous schools preparing to spawn in the winter, while they are in these schools the Redfish, Trout, and Snook will join in looking for an easy meal, and we will be there to give it to them.006 (2)

If I sound excited I am, i cant wait for cooler days and hotter fishing. It is so close I can literally taste it in the air, Fall is coming to Tampa Bay and the Fish will be ready, Ill will be ready, the only question is are you going to be ready?? ┬áDon’t wait to long these days book up fast!!


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