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And the Tail begins!!

By February 13, 2013blog

A very funny thing starts to happen this time of year. Well it happens throughout the year but there are more of them this time of year. TAILS…all the full time guides or I should say the “busier” ones seem to grow tail this time of year, and although we try to lose them or shake them, they are very persistent. By now I’m sure you have figured out that I am talking about the people that follow guides around to figure out where they are catching fish. Your right I don’t own the water nor do I even pay rent on any one spot, but the people that come here and pay me to take them out, and catch the fish, that I have put many hours of work into, to figure there patterns out, in a way do. So when I see my tail starting to grow it tends to get (sorry for this one) under my skin. I am however one of the fortunate ones that have grown up in this area and have may spots to fall back on, and I have the luxury of a vessel that only a very select few can follow anyway.

But for those that cant “shake” there tail I feel bad, they have to endure the constant shadow of…we’ll call them Lee for lack of a name.   Lee is always getting to the boat ramp just in time to see where you are catching bait, and then cautiously follow you around, never getting to close but keeping an eye on where you are and where you have been. So when it is all said and done all of your hard work and knowledge has gone into his little GPS so the next time you are out he will be sitting right on the spot YOU showed him, And he didn’t have to pay you a dime. Now there is nothing wrong with this by law, but it just goes to show you what a lazy, good for nothing, and overall poor fisherman Lee really is. And the silver-lining to it all is Lee will fish the spot until the fish move on because they are tired of seeing his ugly mug Day in and day out and Lee will have to resort back to being a tail once again.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a tail, lots of animals have them and they do serve a purpose. Squirrels use them for balance, birds use them for direction, and most dogs show there emotions with them. But the most important use of a tail is where our Lee falls in to. On most animals the tail is very close to there butt actually a specific part of there butt. and our boy Lee fits his purpose in life perfectly…he spend all his time just covering his ass!

Well hopefully I don’t offend any of the Lee’s out there, if you fall in to this category do yourself a favor and spend some time trying to find things on your own. Fly out from under mommy and daddy’s wings and you’ll see there is a whole new world out there….Ive heard that somewhere before… You might even gain a little respect and not be the BUTT of everyone’s jokes!!

Till next week,

Lets go fishing Capt. Greg


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