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Springtime Explosion!

By November 8, 2012February 4th, 2013whatsNext

big snook

This is the time of year that we all wait for!! The Springtime Explosion is close…and it looks like it is going to be one of the best ever! We Have been seeing literately thousands of fish on our Tampa Bay Fishing Charters this winter, and with the water starting to warm up they are getting very hungry. As we move farther into February the cold fronts that keep our waters cool will begin to dissipate, and the warm sun will bring the orange blossoms out. This is the time of year that Big Snook, Herds of Redfish and huge Schools of Gator Trout invade the Inshore ares and are looking for one thing…FOOD. And on one of our Inshore Fishing Charter you will be at the head of the table ready to serve up the feast.

Dont miss out this is the busiest time of year and all of the good days will go very fast. So get your day on the books and lets go catch so fish!


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