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Fall is upon us — Fishing Forcast

By September 25, 2010February 12th, 2011Fishing Reports

The hot nights and sticky mornings are finally giving way to the cool breezes of Fall. This is one of my favorite times of  the year, our weather goes from hot sticky mornings and days to cool dry and almost brisk mornings.The fish can also feel this change and know it is time to start getting ready for what is coming. This means we are going to have about 2 months of great fishing.

When the water temperatures start to fall it triggers the fish to start to feed, along with the temperature drop we have a large influx of all types of bait fish moving into our area. All of these factors combine for a couple of things; lots of action and increased feeding times on our waters. The Redfish that have been scattered out all over the flats are beginning to school up in large numbers and it is common to see groups of 200 or 300 fish in one school. This is the time  when you can chum them into a frenzy and catch them almost at will. The snook have started to return from the beaches after a summer of spawning and are looking to feed on almost anything that moves, they will take up residence along our many creek mouths and river points and when a sardine comes by it will be met with a viscous hello! Our Trout that have been on the smaller side have began to grow, the 20 to 25 inch gators are showing up and will be very persistent in there quest for food. The number of big gator trout will keep growing as the water temperature continues to fall. Along with the Trout, Snook, and Redfish will be a host of others showing up to feast on the bait that has migrated our way. Tarpon, Spanish Mackerel, Kingfish, Bluefish, Jack Cravelle, Ladyfish, Mangrove Snapper, and Cobia, are just some of the species that will be here for all to catch!

Fall is a great time to fish smaller crowds on the water, cooler temperatures, and fishing that is literally “Off The Hook”! Now is the time to get out there and catch just about everything that swims in our water, they are hungry and they are here! Lets go gettem!