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Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – Charlotte Harbor – New Port Richey

By March 3, 2010Fishing Reports

New Port Richey Fishing Charter

As I sat at the dock last Monday waiting on my charter clients to get ready, I could feel the warm rays from the sun starting to heat up my jacket. It took me by surprise as it had been a long time since I have not needed a jacket while I was on the water. As we started out the channel of the Cottee river in New Port Richey the day was looking very promising. I had I long time client with me today and for the first time his girlfriend had agreed to come with us. With the low tide we had we decided to fish out of my Ranger Banshee so we could access some schools of redfish that had moved up on the flats the last few days to enjoy the warm sun also.

We started out fishing the deeper holes and troughs at Anclote Island, this provided us with a few nice Trout but that was it. It was not what I was expecting from the conditions we had. We made a move to an area that me and a good friend of mine Capt. Clay had found a good size bunch of redfish. When we arrived on the flat I could see the reds pushing back and forth from and oyster bar to a grass point. We set up in the middle of the track to intercept them as they went by, we had a few refusals but we did get a beautiful 29 inch red to take a bait. Lisa fought the fish like an old pro and only when she landed it did she let us in that it was her very first redfish!! Congratulations Lisa.

After that the fish pulled a disappearing act on us like schools of redfish often do. So we relocated to another school and watched as they swam all around our baits with out so much as a sniff, oh well you cant always make them eat. It was a great day and the weather was wonderful except for a pesky little wind that would not quite let you keep your jacket off for to long.

Charlotte Harbor Fishing Charter

On Monday I was in Placida waiting for my client to show up at 7 am, the weather was perfect it was 57 degrees and the wind was nonexistent. We were planning on throwing artificial baits all day, which was good because I have a redfish tournament this weekend and I could use this trip to do some pre fishing. As we skated across the shallows it was obvious the fish were enjoying this warm morning and calm conditions also, every flat we came to had redfish and trout pushing across it. We were targeting the large sand holes in the grass flats with mirrolure Lil johns on jig heads, almost every hole we came to produced a few fish. We caught alot of trout to 24 inches and several redfish that I hope I can find this weekend again. we were also able to catch a snook which was also out on the flat looking for food, that was a very good sign!

As I sit here writing this report I am supposed to be back in Charlotte Harbor fishing, but mother nature will just not let this winter pass. The wind is blowing 25 knots and of course it is out of the NW, but “THEY” tell me by the weekend we will be in the 70’s. I cannot wait, when this winter does break look out the fishing is going to explode! I feel that alot of folks are thinking along the same lines as my charter booking are starting to pick up dramatically. If you want to get in on what is going to be a great spring now is the time to book it!

Capt. Greg DeVault


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