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Fishing Report – Charlotte Harbor – Time for the Airboat!

By December 19, 2009February 2nd, 2010Fishing Reports

As I am writing this report it is cloudy and spitting rain with a south wind at 15 knots and building as a cold front is pushing our way. Sounds like the perfect day to go fishing, well not exactly . But when the sun rises tomorrow we will have north winds at 20 knots and allot of low water. Now this is what I’m talking about, North winds and negative low tides create the perfect scenario for airboat fishing at its finest. We fish in the Gassparilla sound area of Charlotte harbor were the numerous potholes and deep troughs will keep enough water in them for the Redfish, Trout, and Snook to survive the low tide. However the only way to gain access to these low bottom areas is via my airboat. The airboat will skim across wet grass and take us to the fish that are trapped in these holes. Once we get there we will be using an assortment of baits to catch these fish, topwaters, spoons, and the most popular will be soft plastic Exudes. The day will be spent in the protection of the mangrove backcountry, so while we will feel the wind it will not be very bothersome. I will be running charters from today ( 1-19-2008) thru Thursday ( 1-24-2008). When I return I will give you all the details and photos of the weeks fishing. So wish for strong north wind and beautiful blue skies.