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Fishing Report – Boca Grande – Red Hot

By February 25, 2009Fishing Reports

After another cold front brought us more north winds and cooler water temperatures, the big question was how it would effect my charters for the week. Well not to give you a short answer but it didn’t do a thing to them. I started out in Charlotte harbor running a couple of Airboat fishing charters that were some of the best I have had all year. The redfish have been eating anything we get near them and the size of them have been amazing. The tides were low but as the week moved on the water level was high enough that I was able to fish out of my ranger Banshee extreme. It was much easier to maneuver the banshee around the fish, we fished the same group of reds and they did not disappoint. Bryan and Heather were out with me on a inshore fishing charter and caught so many reds that Heather was ready for lunch at 10 AM. Most of our fish were caught on live shrimp but we were able to catch quite a few with Exudes and top water mirrolures.
I was able to run a couple of inshore fishing charters off of Tarpon Springs this week also. The Trout bite is still strong as ever with limits coming over the side of the boat in short order. Steve and bill fished with me on a Tarpon Springs Charter and had plenty of trout for dinner by late morning, then it was off to see if the reds up north here would be as cooperative as the ones down south. We did manage to find a good bunch of them but the water was a little to shallow and they would not let us get very close. So we decided to go and fish some docks and were able to catch a mixed bag of Redfish, Sheephead, and Flounder.
This week looks like it is going to be a great weather week and with the sardines starting to show back up the snook wont be far behind.