1. Below you will find a calendar with Capt.Greg’s availability. Click on the day you wish to book charter.
2. Select the type of charter you wish to book and then click on the “book now” button
3. Fill out form and submit (make sure to read and check policy)
4. You should get an immediate confirmation (print it) and when you return to the calendar, your trip should show up as scheduled. If you do not get a confirmation, your transaction did not go through.

PLEASE READ the Important Information below:

* If you’re scheduling a charter on short notice (under 24 hours from departure), please call Capt. Greg by phone prior to using the Online Reservation system. * REST ASSURED! This calendar is ACCURATE. If you schedule a trip using this calendar, Capt. Greg will contact you to finalize the details and will be ready at the dock at your appointed date and time. * Click here to see an explanation of rates. * Click here to read details about the types of charters offered.