A fast a furious tarpon fishing bite!

During these very special days, the Tarpon are getting ready to make the long journey offshore to spawn and make sure we have Tarpon to catch in the future.

These “Hill Tides” are very predictable as they occur every year around the new and full moons in May and June. There will be about 4 to 6 days that the afternoon outgoing tide will flush out of Charlotte Harbor and bring with it millions of small crabs and baitfish. This is the worlds biggest buffet line and the Tarpon treat it as one.

We start in the early afternoon dipping crabs off the surface of the water, we then sit and wait for the Tarpon to start the migration offshore. When this happens the Tarpon begin to feed on anything they can, creating a perfect opportunity to have several hook ups in a very short time.

Triple and double hookups are not uncommon during this type of fishing. It can be fast-paced and very exciting as you will be only a few yards from schools of Tarpon that can number as high as 500.

As you can tell these are days that always book up first so don’t delay if this sounds like something you would like to try, contact us and set up you Boca Grande Tarpon Charter today.