A tarpon fishing experience like no other!

Again, you are sitting 20 yards away from the most beautiful beaches in the world and the sun has not even broken the horizon. The captain tells you to get ready. You can see them rolling on the surface 100 yards away and closing. As their chrome sides, glistening from what little light there is turn over, you think to yourself ” make a good cast”. The crab flies perfectly through the air and lands right in the path of the oncoming Tarpon. There must be 30 or 40 of them. Then you see a flash, at the same time you feel it. The captain says “set on him”! Before you even have a chance to think, the fish is air born. You make it through the first jump. “Bow”,  the captain says, as to your utter amazement the fish is in the air again. Twice more he explodes through the surface of the water, twisting and writhing before you can get your emotions in check. You can feel the enormous power of the Tarpon pulling the boat were he wants to go. You are in confident and in complete control when he is ready to fly once again. You see the line rising just as he breaks the surface. You bow and… he is gone. This is a Tarpon Fishing Charter in Boca Grande!

There are miles and miles of beautiful beaches off the southwest coast of Florida and during May and June there are thousands of Tarpon using these beaches as a natural highway during there annual migration. If you love to hunt and stalk your fish, this is the place for you. These trips start at sunrise and are usually done by noon. Both live bait and artificial are used when we are looking for silver on the beaches.