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Fishing Report- New Port Richey – Tampa Bay – Boca Grande

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It has been awhile since my last report, but the months of April, May, and June are always very busy! This year was actually the busiest I have ever been. I did not have a day off from March 21 through July 10, that was a long run and didn’t leave much time for site maintenance. But now that the big rush is over it is time to catch up on some things that need to be taken care of.

It was a great couple months in Boca Grande this year for sure, there were more Tarpon in the water than I have seen in several years and the weather was very cooperative. I only lost two trips to weather out of the 80 I had booked, and the best part about fishing in Boca Grande is if you cant get to the Tarpon we have TONS of snook to catch. And catch them we did.  But when the weather and the tarpon were happy ( which was a lot this year) we were flying tarpon on the Beach, in the Pass, and on the Hill.

Well that was what happened last month, let talk about the fishing this month. I got back home and started running charters in the New Port Richey area right away, I was able to find bait in A LOT of areas, and it is very thick. One or two throws of the net and you are done. The fishing was pleasantly good. We have been able to catch slams on just about every charter I have run since getting back, and the numbers have been good.

The Redfish have been the best, they are in small groups on most every hard bottom area we have. And the mullet are starting to group up in large schools already, when you find one of these schools it will be loaded with redfish also. I sat on one school the other day and caught 20 reds out of it. This activity should keep on all the way until the mullet spawn in December. Looks like were going to have a great Fall.

The Snook are not as plentiful up here as there were down in Boca Grande, but there are plenty of them. They are a little more finicky than the redfish, but when you get the tide right they will eat. Pin fish has been the bait for snook the last few days, but they will eat a dine just as fast. The obvious places on the beaches have fish on them but they also have a lot of traffic to. Don’t be afraid to look in some of the late Spring spots you may be pleasantly surprised.

The Trout fish in the summer is usually pretty good, the only draw back is the size. They are a lot smaller than what you will catch in the cooler months, but there are plenty of them. Deeper grass flats are holding tons of them right now, use your smaller bait to chum them up and then sit back and catch all you want. Trout feeding will attract other trout, so once you get them around you they will stay as long as the food is there. And be ready there are some good ones out there, we caught 10 over 20 inches on a charter this week.

I am defiantly out of typing shape, my hand already has a cramp! There is a lot going on this time of year, the grouper are open and eating, scallops are open and plentiful and its just a great time to be on the water with light winds and beautiful weather. This week starts my scallop charters so next report I will be able to give you a first hand report of how thick they are.

If your looking to get out and have some fun this summer give me a call and we can make it happen!


Capt. Greg DeVault



Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – Tarpon Springs – New Port Richey

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WOOOOHOOO!! That sums up how I feel, we have finally made it to Springtime. I know the fish have been feeling it, but mother nature just wouldn’t let them break out of the cold water. Well it has finally happened, the water temps are in the high 60’s and will be above the 70 degree mark soon. Even though we have had a cold March the fishing was very good, and with the warm start to April the fishing has been even better.

The Snook have taken center stage the past week, with all my charters catching a lot of them. They were waiting on the warm water and when they got it they started to eat! there have been several days that we have had 10+ snook days and the size is getting better every moon cycle. I am starting to see the Snook on a lot of the outside points but the biggest groups are still up in the backwaters. It wont be long before they get out and really start to hunt down there food, they are very hungry.

The Redfish have not slowed down a bit, they have moved around a little bit but we are still catch very good numbers of reds. The one thing that has changed is there diet, they are starting to eat the live bait a lot better. They are still eating cut bait, but they have no problem chasing down a live sardine know. There is no certain area for them to be, they are still moving around quite abit but the numbers in the schools are getting bigger.

Our Trout fishing has stayed pretty steady all year, there are LOTS of Speckled Trout around and everyone is catching them. All you need to do to find some trout is to find a little structure, rock piles, pilings, spoil Islands, and anything else that is on the flats. The size of the Trout is not as big as normal but they are still good solid fish.

And finally the Cobia have arrived! I have been seeing several of them as I move from spot to spot. They are on the backs of the sting rays for the most part but you will see a free swimmer occasionally. They will eat just about anything you get in front of them right now, but not much will beat a pinfish if they get finicky.

I have been waiting for Spring temperatures to get here and now that they have it has finally broken loose. We are right in the middle of the best fishing of this year and it should stay for several more weeks. Enjoy the pictures of the last few charters.

Capt. Greg DeVault




Its good to be Lucky

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One thing that I have learned in my life is that it is much better to be lucky than good. and when you are good enough to be a little lucky it is even better. I have been very blessed in my fishing career to have had ALOT of luck, but at the same time put alot of hard work in to it to make that luck pay off! I have been fortunate enough to win 2 national redfish championships with hard work and lucky enough to have had my father fishing with me in both of them. I have been lucky to be apart of one of the most dominate Tarpon fishing teams in the past 10 years, that has won 7 team of the year titles with hard work and great team work. And I have been lucky enough to fish with one of my best friends and win many smaller tournaments with a combination of good skills and great timing. Then there is a great local tournament that I get to fish with four very good and very skilled fisher-women, and I think their record stands for itself. I think they have fished the tournament with me for 5 years now and every year they have been “in the money” with a great win last year.

Now this is where the “rather be lucky” part comes in. there are many different types of luck, the luck you make for yourself by putting in the time to make yourself a better fishermen, the luck you make for yourself by being prepared and ready for anything that comes your way, the plain old luck you get by dropping a really good redfish in the water…then catching an even better one. All of these kinds of luck have happened to me and my teammates over the years and I feel very “lucky” for that. But there is one kind of luck that you just cant plan on, and very seldom can you beat it. And that is plain old DUMB luck, it happens to all of us once in a while and everybody gets there  fair share of it. There is no rhyme or reason for it, it just happens. In fishing it is like the fish gods throwing you a bone, For example you go to a spot that you know is a heavily fished area and you have seen several people fish and catch good fish. You get stuck going in and have to push your way in, you sit and wait it out because you have no place else to go, and low and behold the stars aline, bells start to ring, and you manage to catch some fish. All you can do is smile and think I was just glad I didn’t tear up my lower unit!

We have all been beaten more times by the last kind of luck than we would like to think, but it happens, and thank goodness it dose. Perhaps it is gods way leveling the playing field, either way it keeps it interesting and only make me work harder to do better.  And remember it is still better to be lucky than good….oh yeah one more thing, if you are going to try and follow be careful where you step, it aint all sand out there!

Now is the Time

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This is the time of year as a fishing  guide that I look forward to the most. While we have great fishing all year long on the west coast of Florida, and I am fortunate enough to stay busy fishing year round. Nothing is more exciting than to feel the warm south winds start to blow and know Spring is just around the corner. There are a few things that get the adrenalin going this time of year, the Snook that have been dormant all winter will be hitting anything that moves, the Redfish will be in large schools roaming across the flats looking to do one thing…EAT. And the arrival of our most prized game-fish, the mighty Tarpon.

This time of year also does something else for Fishing Guides, It solidify’s there ability to catch fish and stay in business. This is the time of year the fishing is easy and relationships are built with clientele on the boat. The next few months will provide some of the best fishing trips of the year, and this will create a client for a long time for the guides that can ” make it happen”. So even though we do have to deal with a little extra pressure the rewards are far greater. I know for a fact that some of my best client relationships started on a fishing trip in the spring where we had one of the best days of catching that many of them ever had.

So as we go head first into what has already been a great spring, I look forward with great anticipation to getting to fish with some, next to be long time clients. Now is the time to walk the walk!!

Fish on,

Capt, Greg DeVault









Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – Tarpon Springs – New Port Richey – Boca Grande

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Even though we are not quite to the start af spring yet, you could not tell by the fishing. The months of February and March have been on FIRE, even though we have had some pretty strong cold fronts come through the area the fishing stayed hotter than ever. I di not run a trip that we did not catch double digit numbers of Redfish, Trout and several snook.

The redfish have been the stars for the past couple months though, I have been on a couple different school that have been giving us 20 to 30 fish just about every time we get on them. They are eating mostly cut bait but will chase a live sardine when it is later in the day and the water has warmed. These same fish have been eating jigs and Mirrodine very well also. Most of the redfish are still in the creeks and back bays, but as soon as we get the water to stay consistently above the 68 degree mark they will start to venture out on the flats for food also.

The Trout fishing while not what it normally is this time of year, is still very good. There are a couple places in the west central area that are holding good numbers of fish, and when you hit them at the right tide and time you will catch them on every cast. Unfortunately with the trout they do not like the pressure they have been getting, and when they are discovered they tend to relocate and have to be found and figured out again. But as busy as I have been it doesn’t take long to get back on the bite.

Last but not least are our Snook, I am seeing a lot more than I am catching for sure. However when the conditions are right the snook bite has been VERY good. When we get a good south wind and a couple sunny days in the 80’s look out! This has been the pattern for them to go on the feed the past couple months. Look for the snook to get very active in the next couple weeks as the migrating schools of bait are knocking at our door. This will be the trigger that starts one of the best times of the year.

Spring is here no matter what you may hear from others, the past 5 weeks have been some of the best fishing we have had in years. The next 5 weeks are only going to get better and as soon as we can wear shorts out the door it will be time for the silver king to show up. If you dont have anything booked yet it may be to late, but give me a call and I will get you on some great fish one way or another.


Capt. Greg DeVault




Jim Andrews

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To all fishermen/fisherwomen experienced or not. I want to tell you about the Fisher King Greg DeVault
as spoken by one of his disciples James D.
I have been fishing with Greg for 5 years now and can honestly say that I have never had a better Guide
than Greg. If there are fish to be found Greg will find them. It is not unusual to move 10 to 15 times if
the fish are scarce. WE ALWAYS CATCH FISH!
Greg’s knowledge of the water is only one aspect of a great guide. He is entertaining and educational. I
have learned fishing techniques, knot tying and other tidbits of info that are invaluable on my own boat.
Greg’s best attribute though is his personality. From the time you step on Greg’s boat you know you
have made a new friend. He has wide ranging experience in a number of fields and the conversation
flows naturally throughout the day.
At the end of a trip with Greg you feel that you have just spent a great day palling around with your best
buddies .
You will not be disappointed in the total experience.
James D Andrews, Avid Fisherman

Guy Markus

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In 2010, two of my friends and I booked a trip with Captain Greg (3 half day’s tarpon fishing the pass in Boca Grande).  The only bad thing about this trip was only fishing with Greg for half of the day.  Upon my arrival back home, I knew that I would return in 2012.  Within two weeks I had booked again, this time three full days.  My two friends and I caught numerous tarpon ranging from 60 to 180 lbs.  Fighting a fish like that is truly an experience of a lifetime.  Greg worked his butt off keeping us on the tarpon, changing our lures and laughing at our stupid jokes, hell, he even let me buy lunch so that I didn’t feel cheap. His ability to maneuver the boat and keep us on the fish was in itself amazing.  Greg was always very professional and treated all of us with great respect.  It was clear to us that he is well respected among the other guides in the Boca Grande area.  I would recommend booking a trip with him to anyone who wants a good workout fighting one of these magnificent fish.  Thanks again Greg, hope to see you again on the Florida tide.

Guy Markus
West Jordan Utah

Mike Such

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I am from Indiana, and I met Captain Greg in 2004. Since then I fly down and fish with him almost every month. He has fished with over 20 of my friends and family. He has watched my youngest grow up to be a nurse, while first fishing with her at the age of 14. I strongly encourage you to go fishing with him once and you will get hooked. He is very patient and will put you on fish every time. I have never been skunked. But more importantly he knows this area very well and will show you a great time. Some times the bite will start late and he keeps going through-out the bite. He loves what he does. When I retire I have Captain Greg in my monthly budget.
Mike from Indy

Steve Kovack

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I have been booking fishing and hunting trips with Captain Greg for years, and I have to say he is the best prepared most knowledgeable, and best pure sportsman guide I have experienced.  I have fished and hunted all over the world, and I have been with some of the most famous guides you see on TV, and they just don’t hold up the standard that Greg delivers.  I now just take Greg with me on trips instead of hiring local guides.  Plus, he is so much more than a guide, he is a friend, great conversationalist, and, when needed, a nurse.  I have a chronic health condition, Greg on his own, learned about my condition and makes a point of checking up on me on our trips.  I have brought my 75 year old father on trips.  He has a new knee and hip, and Greg always finds an easy spot to board and unboard him from the boat.  Beyond the fact that he is a truly the best professional guide, it is this little extra things that makes Greg a worlds above the rest!  Book him and enjoy!
Stephen R. Kovac

St. Pete Beach, FL

Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – Boca Grande – New Port Richey

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February has come and with it what seems to be the start of a very fishy springtime. While I have been out almost everyday the past couple months, it has been the past few weeks that I have been seeing more and more fish on the flats. And the Sardines that all the fish are looking for are here to.

The redfish are in big schools already, i have been fishing 4 schools for about two weeks now that all have around 100 to 200 fish in them. And the best part is they are eating very good, we have been able to catch them on both live bait and artificial s. The Speckled Trout have not been quite as good as I expected them to be by now, but they are here and they are big! If you find some fish away from the community holes you will catch plenty, but if you are sharing fish with others, be prepared to catch a few and look at ALOT.

Our Snook are starting to show up but mother nature keeps sending fronts our way to keep them in check for now. I think by the end of this month we will have a very good snook bite going and by mid March it will be full on. The other good thing I have been seeing while moving spot to spot on the flats are COBIA. Yes they have started to arrive and the ones I have seen are big boys to. While it is a little early for them to show up, they are here and I’m sure they will be hungry.

I know it is not warm everywhere but that is why everyone comes to Florida for vacation. The weather is great and the fish are hungry. If you are looking to get out on a Florida Fishing Charter make sure you are getting a full time guide that knows the area and has the right tools to get you on the fish at anytime. I pride myself on making sure my clients have a great trip and catch the fish they are after. Spring is our busiest time and days are filling up fast so if your looking to get out on a Tampa Bay Fishing Charter contact me as soon as you can.

Good fishing,

Capt. Greg DeVault